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Industrial and Commercial

Brooder Stove

Burner that heats a ceramic plate; heat is diffused by a circular dome.


Agricultural Heater

Heater requiring a well-ventilated building since no exterior evacuation system is available. Docks may be installed to redistribute the heat in the room or to supply a vent to circulate hot air


Unit heater

Heating block with a ventilator to circulate heat in the room.


Heated floor

A boiler is required to heat the water, which circulates through hoses imbedded under the concrete floor, which heats the room. 


Power washer

Water is heated for pressurized cleaning 


Instantaneous Water Heater

Water flows through a coil condenser and comes out hot. Primarily used for the same purpose as power washers. 


Drying silo

A burner is installed under the silo and the heat causes the drying grains to move. Slower drying method that provides a lower return than batch drying.  


Batch drying

A ventilator pushes grains into a vat heated by a burner and the grains emerge dried. A large quantity of grain may be dried very quickly.  


Weed-burning Torch

A heating system is installed on a cart that may be pulled by a tractor to burn weeds between rows of crops. Care must be taken to avoid burning the entire field. 


Water Heater

In agriculture, water heaters are primarily used to transform the veal mash, giving it the texture and temperature of milk.  



Propane is used as fuel to produce electricity during power outages. 


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