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Industrial and Commercial



Refrigerator and Freezer


Power outage? No problem. Gaz Propane Rainville sells CONSUL brand fridges and freezers. Several models are available, from small, beer fridges to full, stainless steel kitchen fridges.


Patio Heater


If you like eating outdoors, but find summer far too short, we suggest the Martin brand patio heater. With 45 000 btu and a 90cm reflecting dome, it can heat up an area of 10 metres in diameter. The antique bronze unit is designed to blend in with your outdoor furnishings. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors as soon as the snow melts.


Portable radiant heater


Hunters know that it can take time for prey to emerge. For your comfort, we suggest Paulin brand radiant heaters, which can also heat up your food. The quiet unit will not scare off your prey. It’s simple to use and can be directly connected to a 20-pound tank. Several sizes are available.




For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Gaz Propane Rainville has several high-quality outdoor barbeques. vous propose plusieurs. With a stronger and better design, our barbecues will be the focal point of your summer meals and will be an impressive feature for years to come. We have a wide selection of several brands, including Martin and Napoléon


Water heater

When having your morning shower, hot water is paramount. The solution is a propane water heater. Twice as effective as an electric heater, it heats water as soon as it enters the reservoir. It is available in 30, 40 or 50 gallon sizes so you can select the one that is right for your family.


Mosquito Magnet


If you like spending quality time with your family outdoors, but you hate being assaulted by mosquitos and blackflies, the Mosquito Magnet is right for you. This device can eliminate mosquitos in a radius of up to 1 acre. It produces carbon gas, which drives the little buggers mad and catches them in a small net. It requires a 20lb tank per month and a package of octenol every three weeks.




Relaxing by the fireplace is sublime, especially when you don’t have to worry about firewood. Have you ever considered a propane gas fireplace? It produces a beautiful flame, just like a real fire. The heat is pleasant, constant and heats the room quickly. Moreover, since combustion is complete, it produces less polluting emissions compared to slow-burning wood. Several models are available, including a build-in model as well as a stand-alone. We will help you find the one that is right for you. If you currently have a wood fireplace you want to convert, we can simply install a gas unit in your existing wood fireplace. Come in and talk to one of our agents and we will help you discover all the possibilities for your project.


Pool heater


If you love to swim, but you hate that the only time it’s warm enough is when you go down south for a couple weeks in the winter, we have a solution for you. A propane pool heater can warm the water of your pool in only a few hours, making the water very comfortable. You will be able to extend the swimming season from May to September.




You already have every kitchen gadget you can think of, but your creations never taste as good as they do at your favourite restaurant. A gas stove can help you reach that level. Since the heat is distributed evenly, i twill be easier to adjust. Plus, the live flame makes it possible to cook your meat and broil your steak with greater precision. You will notice the difference, and if not, you can always take a cooking class!



Time is money and you don’t wait to wait any longer for your dryer to finish before you put in the next load. Propane dryers dry your clothes in half the time of electric dryers and you will be the envy of all your friends. 


Heated floor and hot water heater


It’s frigid out and even raising the thermostat to 30°C will not suffice. The solution is to install a propane-heated floor that distributes hot water in tubes under your floorboards. Your feet will always be comfy and it will be easier to warm up. If your kids are constantly running in and out of the house, you will need to add a hot water radiator at the entrance of your home to heat up the cold air as it flows in.  




Your chalet is located deep in the woods and you love the solitude; your wife wants to join you, but she requires a minimum level of comfort. A propane generator will save your relationship Several models are available to meet your energy needs.  




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