How to turn on the pilot light?

Most propane-powered devices contain a pilot flame which must be lit before the device is used. This is the pilot flame lighting procedure :

  • Verify the level of the tank and that the tank valve is open and that the valve near the device is in the same direction as the gas inlet pipe.
  • Open the hatch to access the control panel.
  • Find an ignition button. It is red or black. If it is black, it contains a diagram of a light or a firework depending on the model.
  • Find the adjacent PILOT-ON-OFF button.
  • Place the button in PILOT move and press down, which will feed the gas into the device. It is very important not to let go since that would cause the gas to re-enter the tank.
  • With your other other hand, oress the ignition three times at 30-second intervals until the pilot flame ignites. This procedure may take a few minutes depending on the distance between the device and the tank.

If the pilot light is illuminated, ensure the PILOT button pushed until the flame heats up. You may now turn the button to the ON position in order to run you device normally.

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