Why must I fill out a form to open an account?

As a first step, Gaz Propane Rainville inc. asks our clients to fill out an account-opening form in order to verify the accuracy of your details, such as the billing or delivery addresses, which may differ. Secondly, in order to protect our customers, we conduct a credit check to establish a limit that meets your needs and respects your ability to pay and to protect ourselves against fraud because… we cannot trust everyone.

Recently, we have updated our account opening document. It now contains all clauses and conditions so that we conform to new legislation and requirements of the civil code, the Data Protection Act and the Consumer Protection Act. Consequently, we are conducting a major update of our files to validate the information we have on your files and inform our clients of updates of our official documents. If you receive an information update form, it is very important to complete it and return it to us as soon as possible so that we can validate the information we have on file.