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While a person can visit the Site without disclosing his/her identity and other personal information to Gaz Propane Rainville inc. , information is automatically exchanged by the visitor with the Gaz Propane Rainville inc.  server when the Site is accessed. Such information exchanges do not allow Gaz Propane Rainville inc.  to identify the visitor, i.e. name or email address. However, such exchanges do allow Gaz Propane Rainville inc.  to obtain the name of the Internet domain the visitor used to access the Site, the IP address of the visitor, the type of navigator and operating system used by the visitor to access the Site, the date and time the visitor accessed the Site, the pages visited by the visitor and, if the visitor accesses the Site from another site.

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This information is used by Gaz Propane Rainville inc. in order to measure the number of visitors to the site and its individual pages, the average time that visitors spend on the site and other general data on visitors to the site. This information also allows Gaz Propane Rainvillee to verify the performance of the site for administrative purposes.

5. Other personal information

Gaz Propane Rainville inc.  only gathers other personal information about the Visitor if he, at his sole discretion, decides to provide such information voluntarily. However, if the Visitor wishes to receive information from Gaz Propane Rainville inc.  or to have his name added to Gaz Propane Rainville inc. ’s mailing list, the Visitor must disclose his e-mail address so that Gaz Propane Rainville inc. ’s server can respond to his request or, as the case may be, send him the requested information. This information is strictly confidential.

A copy of the personal information the Visitor provides to Gaz Propane Rainville inc.  and which Gaz Propane Rainville inc.  retains is kept on Gaz Propane Rainville inc.’s servers in Granby, Québec, Canada; and for clients already on the company’s physical file. Visitors can access the personal information they supplied to Gaz Propane Rainville and advise the company to update it or, if necessary, delete it.

Gaz Propane Rainville inc. uses secure communications as well as other methods to protect certain personal information on the stored web and on its servers. Visitors recognize and accept the inherent risk of sending emails, i.e. the possibility of violability before they reach the servers of Gaz Propane Rainville inc.

Visitors recognize that the information or data that is sent electronically while accessing and using this website is neither confiendial nor exclusive, except when required by law and that unsecured online email communication can be intercepted, altered or lost.

Personal information, electronic or otherwise, collected by Gaz Propane Rainville inc is not shared with any third party. Visitors accept and recognize that Gaz Propane Rainville Inc. is authorized to use, divulge or communicate personal information from the visitor if a request is made online to open an account when authorized by the visitor or required by law, including by court order.

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