Referral Program

You are satisfied with our services and want to refer a client, to thank you for this appreciated gesture we have established a referral program!

Reward: If the referred person becomes our client, you will receive a credit in your account according to the type of tank installed for the referred client. For each referred client, you are entitled to a credit. *

  • 200 lbs or 420 lbs tank: you will receive a $ 35.00 credit in your account.
  • 120 USWG tank: you will receive a $ 35.00 credit in your account.
  • 320 USWG tank: you will receive a $ 50.00 credit in your account.
  • 500 USWG tank: you will receive a $ 100.00 credit in your account.
  • 1000 USWG tank: you will receive a $ 175.00 credit in your account.
  • 2000 USWG tank: you will receive a $ 300.00 credit in your account.

*** All amounts include taxes and the credit in your account is not redeemable for cash. ***

Eligible participants are all existing Gaz Propane Rainville clients in all sectors (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). You have 30 days after the new client account is opened to notify us that it is you that has referred this new client and get your credit. The program begins on November 1, 2012.

* If you are a contractor and you want to refer clients, please contact our sales representative.

Clauses: This program may be withdrawn or amended at any time. The program is reserved for Gaz Propane Rainville clients with an active account. You must send your referral form by mail or notify the account opening department by telephone or by email ( within 30 days for new installations and 15 days for an existing account transfer. The account will be credited within 48 hours after the following two conditions are met:

  • Account Opening Form is completed and signed
  • Referral Form is completed

This referral program cannot be combined with any other offer already underway.

Download the form