Social Implications


Gaz propane Rainville is a full and responsible member of the community, which is where we develop business relationships and where we live and work. Our community involvement is an essential part of our corporate culture and values.

The values of the company, our directors and our staff are based on health, education, family and the best interests of our children.

Festival des traditions du monde

Gaz propane Rainville inc. is a main sponsor of the Festival des traditions du Monde, which facilitates direct contact between our culture and other global traditions. Interactive events, artisan displays, small performances and other events make it possible to share learn, discover other cultures.

There is a particular focus on promoting the cultural communities of our region; artisans, performers, artists, singers and dancers at the Festival share many aspects of their culture in an environment that is typical of the Eastern Townships.

Granby Giant Omelette Get-Together

Gaz propane Rainville inc. supports the Granby Giant Omelette Get-Together, in which a giant, 15 000-egg omelette is prepared and served to the public for free. The event is a symbol of friendship among the Francophonie and has been a tradition in Granby for over 20 years. The event began when a doctor from the region attended a similar event in Bessières, France and invited the participants to come to Quebec. It takes place on June 24 at Daniel-Johnson Park in Granby at about 3:00 pm. Everyone is invited to taste the omelette free of charge after having helped prepare it. The omelette is made of 15 000 eggs, 20 litres of oil and secret ‘Grand Master’ spices and cooked in a gigantic pan that has a telephone pole as a handle!

The motto: la grandeur des folies et l’amitié en plus makes it possible for participants of the get-together, who represent all sorts of professions, to develop meaningful friendships with people from around the world, which is the main objective of the event.

L’Association de la Colonie de Vacances de Granby inc.

La Colonie de Vacances de Granby (Granby Summer Camp) is a non-profit organization based in Granby that has been helping underprivileged children for 68 years.

The Colonie’s mission is to send kids from low-income families to summer camps that are adapted for them in order to develop their self-confidence. These daycamps and overnight camps provide many stimulating activities for the children. At camp, they learn to test their limits, develop their self-esteem and create friendships. The committee of the Colonie de Vacances de Granby is made up of local people who are concerned about the well-being of our children. We organize several fundraising activities throughout the year, which makes it possible to send between 75 and 100 local kids to camp every summer.